Jose Andrade

José E. Andrade
George W. Housner Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering; Cecil and Sally Drinkward Leadership Chair, Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering; Executive Officer for Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Professor Andrade's research focuses on developing fundamental understanding of the multiscale and multiphysical behavior of porous media, with especial application to geologic and engineered infrastructure materials.


Jose Andrade

Jenni Campbell
Administrative Assistant

Postdoctoral Scholars and Visiting Associates

Jose AndradeJason Marshall
Postdoctoral Scholar in Mechanical and Civil Engineering

My research is focused on the multi-scale, multi-physics simulation of geomaterials.  Specifically, I am working on developing a computational framework to enable many types of multi-physics simulations to be performed within a single high performance computing Discrete Element Method (DEM) code.  My background is in the computational mechanics field with a BS from Cal Poly - SLO and a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University.


Utkarsh Mital
Postdoctoral Scholar in Mechanical and Civil Engineering

My research focuses on developing an early-warning system for liquefaction failure of tailings dams in the mining industry. Specifically, I am working on developing digital twin models of tailings dams that could be used by mining companies for health-monitoring and simulating effects of proposed raises. I obtained my PhD in Applied Mechanics in 2016 with Prof. Andrade. Prior to rejoining his group as a postdoc, I worked for a year with Prof. Asimaki on developing regional liquefaction hazard maps. Outside of research, I enjoy doing theater and improv comedy.

Graduate Students


Liuchi Li

Liuchi Li

I got my B.S. in Civil Engineering at Tongji University Shanghai, China. I am pursing my Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics in Dr. Andrade's group. My research focuses on incorporating grain morphology effect into the rheology of dense granular flows with special interest in the solid-liquid transition through both numerical simulation in the grain scale and experiment investigation. Outside of research life I enjoy swimming,jogging and traveling.



Konstantinos Karapiperis

Konstantinos Karapiperis

I received my B.S. from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and my M.S. from the University of California, Davis both in Civil Engineering. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Applied Mechanics in Prof. Andrade's group. My research focuses on modelingreduced-gravity effects in granular media across different scales and phases (solid-liquid) through both discrete and continuum frameworks. In my spare time, I enjoy climbing, hiking and cooking.


Konstantinos Karapiperis

John Harmon

My research focuses on fracture and other multi-physics at the grain scale.  I am working on incorporating these ideas into a Discrete Element Model (DEM) that utilizes shape. 
Before coming to Caltech, I got my BS in aerospace engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.  Now I have switched to applied mechanics for my PhD here in California.  Outside of school, I like to play soccer, tennis and video games.



Konstantinos Karapiperis

Shilpa Joy

I received my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Mechanical Engineering in Prof. Andrade’s group. My research focuses on understanding the ant tunneling process from a granular mechanics perspective. Outside of school, I enjoy dancing and reading fiction


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